Question: Auntie Wainwright

Is Hilda Ogden still alive?

Jean Alexander as Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street.

Jean Mavis Hodgkinson (11 October 1926 – 14 October 2016), known by the stage name Jean Alexander, was a British television actress..

What did Hilda Ogden drink?

I have to admit to being a fan of the British soap opera Coronation Street (one of the longest-running TV series in the world) where Port and lemon was a special-occasion drink enjoyed at the Rovers Return by ladies like Hilda Ogden (when she wasn’t in her curlers).

Who left Coronation Street in 1987?

Jean AlexanderAfter 23 years playing Hilda, Jean Alexander decided to leave Coronation Street in 1987. According to Alexander in 2010, it was the right time to leave as the writers had run out of ideas for Hilda and as a character, Hilda had run out of steam. She added, “Her other half had gone and she would have just scraped along.

Why did Jean Alexander leave Coronation Street?

Coronation Street (1962, 1964-1987) After 23 years playing Hilda, in 1987 Jean decided to quit the show as she wanted to try other TV roles. She had considered leaving in 1986 and thought about it for a while.

Who lived with Stan and Hilda Ogden?

Edward Jeremy Timothy “Eddie” Yeats was an ex-convict-turned-binman who was Stan and Hilda Ogden’s lodger at 13 Coronation Street from 1980 to 1983, before leaving the street with his new wife Marion.

Where is Jean Alexander buried?

Jean AlexanderBirth11 Oct 1926 Toxteth, Metropolitan Borough of Liverpool, Merseyside, EnglandDeath14 Oct 2016 (aged 90) Southport, Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, Merseyside, EnglandBurialCremated, Ashes scatteredMemorial ID171296767 · View SourceOct 14, 2016

Where was Auntie Wainwright’s shop in Last of the Summer Wine?

Garfield placeThe shop is on either Garfield place or Oliver lane depending which way you approach it, but yes the map is correct as the shop is pretty much at where both the streets meet.

When did Jean Alexander Join Last of the Summer Wine?

1988Jean Alexander, the actress who played Auntie Wainwright in Last Of The Summer Wine, has died aged 90. Also famed for her role as Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street, Alexander joined Last Of The Summer Wine in 1988, a year after leaving the ITV soap opera after 23 years as the iconic put-upon housewife.

Who lives at No 9 Coronation Street?

Tyrone DobbsNo. 9 is currently home to Tyrone Dobbs, his daughter Ruby Dobbs, Fiz Stape and her daughter Hope Stape. Tyrone had been Jack and Vera Duckworth’s lodger when they owned the house.

How old is Julie Goodyear?

79 years (March 29, 1942)Julie Goodyear/Age

Which Corrie star begged for his job?

Melanie Blake is a celebrity agent and author A Coronation Street star ‘begged for his job back’ after being being sacked by a producer, it has been reported. Celebrity agent and author Melanie Blake wrote the book Ruthless Women.

Who lives in number 3 Corrie?

3 Coronation Street is the second house going east on Coronation Street and is located between No. 1 and No. 5. The house is currently owned by Ed and Aggie Bailey, having bought it from Norris Cole in 2019.

Who played Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street?

Jean AlexanderCoronation StreetHilda Ogden/Played by

What was Hilda Ogdens cat called?

cat RommelHilda Ogden inherited the cat Rommel from her friend Ada Arrowsmith. After witnessing a robbery at the Lowther’s house in 1986, Hilda spent most of her time at home at No 13 with Rommell.

Which house did Hilda Ogden live in?

Number 13, Coronation Street. In July 1964, 45 year old lorry driver Stan Ogden bought the house off Edward Wormold for £575. He moved his wife Hilda Ogden, aged 40, in and their 2 older children Trevor Ogden and Irma Ogden.

What was the cat called in Coronation Street?

Bobby The CatBobby The Cat was a cat owned by Minnie Caldwell. She bought him in about 1961 and still owned him when she moved away in 1976. He was one of the most prominent pets to appear in the series, appearing for 15 years during most of Minnie’s time on Coronation Street.

Who bought Des Barnes House?

Yasmeen NazirIt is bought by Yasmeen Nazir, who moved in with her husband Sharif, son Kal and grandchildren Alya and Zeedan. Kal tragically dies a hero whilst saving Leanne Tilsley and Amy Barlow from a fire which started inside 12 Victoria Court in May 2015.

Has Jean Alexander died?

October 14, 2016Jean Alexander/Date of death

How long was Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street?

23 yearsAlexander played Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street for 23 years to 1987 and, after leaving, took a role in Last of the Summer Wine as Auntie Wainwright.