Question: Tanacon Location

Who is Jake Paul dating?

Erika Costell is a 28-year-old singer, model and social media celebrity.

She also has a YouTube channel with more than four million subscribers, and is currently signed to The Orchard, a subsidiary company of Sony Music.

She used to date Youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul..

Did Tana Mongeau lose subscribers?

Tana Mongeau loses YouTube subscribers Since the day she posted her apology, Tana Mongeau has lost 20k+ subscribers. Tana does not post much on her YouTube channel. In fact, she did not post anything at all from last 3 months.

Who is the inventor of TanaCon?

Founder Tana MongeauTanaCon Founder Tana Mongeau To Attend VidCon As A ‘Featured Creator’ TanaCon founder Tana Mongeau is making her grand return to VidCon this year after having had a checkered relationship with the famed video convention.

Did Tana Mongeau delete her YouTube?

According to Def Noodles on Twitter, Tana’s verification tick has been removed from her channel entirely. According to DefNoodles, the deverification of Mongeau’s YouTube channel can be problematic for her career because YouTube tends to prioritize content from verified sources in algorithm placement.

Which sway boy did Tana hook up with?

Noah CyrusTana Mongeau Just Hinted at the Fact That She Hooked Up With Noah Cyrus. Seventeen picks products that we think you’ll love the most. We may earn commission from the links on this page.

Where is Tana Mongeau from?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesTana Mongeau/Place of birth

What is Tana Mongeau net worth?

Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul’s ex-wife, is reported to have a net worth of $4 million in 2020, as per Mongeau is a YouTuber, model, and musician.

What really happened at TanaCon?

After making international headlines, TanaCon, an event set up by YouTuber Tana Mongeau and talent manager Michael Weist, was shut down following safety concerns and riot hazards due to an estimated 15,000 unregistered guest arrived at the event.

Why did Tana make TanaCon?

Tana Mongeau wanted to throw an alt-VidCon. … In a video you can watch if you have an hour and eighteen minutes to kill, Mongeau explained she would not be attending VidCon this year, citing drama over not being designated a featured creator at the event. And so, Tanacon was born.

How did Tana Mongeau get rich?

Tana makes money from the ads on her videos, which makes up most of her net worth. She gets, on average, 600,000 new views on her videos every day. Google gives YouTubers a percentage of money based on the number of views.

Where does Tana Mongeau live now?

Sherman OaksTana Mongeau’s House (Rental) in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA (Google Maps)

Why was TanaCon Cancelled?

YouTube Star Tana Mongeau’s TanaCon Shut Down Due to Safety Concerns. … YouTube star Tana Mongeau has received backlash from social media after her planned convention for fellow creators and fans was reportedly shut down due to an overwhelming response in attendance.