Question: What Does Demesne Mean In English?

What does demesne mean?

legal possession of land as one’s own1 : legal possession of land as one’s own.

2 : manorial land actually possessed by the lord and not held by tenants.

3a : the land attached to a mansion.

b : landed property : estate..

Why was the royal demesne so important?

Royal demesne The king made grants of very large tracts of land under various forms of feudal tenure from his demesne, generally in the form of feudal baronies. The land not so enfeoffed, for example royal manors administered by royal stewards and royal hunting forests, thus remained within the royal demesne.

What is another name for vassal of the king?

Vassal Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for vassal?bondsmanliegemanserfslavesubjectthrallhelotliegemanretainer32 more rows

What was the demesne quizlet?

What was the demesne? Part of the land which was reserved for the lord.

What is a vassal?

Vassal, in feudal society, one invested with a fief in return for services to an overlord. Some vassals did not have fiefs and lived at their lord’s court as his household knights. Certain vassals who held their fiefs directly from the crown were tenants in chief and formed the most important feudal group, the barons.

What did serfs get in return for their labor?

Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the lord of the manor who owned that land. In return, they were entitled to protection, justice, and the right to cultivate certain fields within the manor to maintain their own subsistence.

What does progeny mean?

1a : descendants, children. b : offspring of animals or plants.

What word describes all the land controlled by the king?

feudal systemThe feudal system had been used in France by the Normans from the time they first settled there in about 900AD. It was a simple, but effective system, where all land was owned by the King.

What does demesne mean in the Middle Ages?

Demesne, in English feudal law, that portion of a manor not granted to freehold tenants but either retained by the lord for his own use and occupation or occupied by his villeins or leasehold tenants.

What is the definition fief?

Fief, in European feudal society, a vassal’s source of income, held from his lord in exchange for services. … The fief constituted the central institution of feudal society. feudalism. Peasants at work before the gates of a town.

Who called vassals?

A vassal or liege subject is a person regarded as having a mutual obligation to a lord or monarch, in the context of the feudal system in medieval Europe. The obligations often included military support by knights in exchange for certain privileges, usually including land held as a tenant or fief.

Is a vassal a servant?

The definition of a vassal was someone in feudal times who received protection and land from a lord in return for allegiance and performing military and other duties, or someone who is subordinate. … An example of a vassal is a subordinant or servant.

What part of speech is demesne?

demesnepart of speech:noundefinition 1:land that is owned; estate. similar words: domaindefinition 2:the grounds surrounding and attached to a country house or mansion.definition 3:land kept by the owner of an estate for his or her own use, not leased to tenants.4 more rows

What is it called when a Lord grants a piece of land to a lesser nobleman below them?

fief. An estate granted to a vassal by a lord under the feudal system in medieval Europe. nobles. Wealthy landowners who pledged their loyalty to the king.

What is demesne land?

In English feudal law, the term ‘demesne’ referred to a plot of land attached to a manor that was retained by the owner, or lord of the manor, for their own use (sometimes occupied by leasehold tenants) rather than being granted to freehold tenants. Demesnes were not necessarily contiguous to the manor house.

What is the land owned by a lord called?

Fief, fee, or feud – Land or revenue-producing property granted by a lord in return for a vassal’s service.

What made the feudal system an effective system?

What made Feudal System an effective system for controlling society? Discouraged trade and economic growth. Serfs had to work the land. Tried to individuel plots of land and forbidden to move or change occuptions.

Are peasants vassals?

Vassals held an overall status superior to that of peasants and were considered equal to lords in social status. They took leadership positions in their locality and also served as advisers for lords in feudal courts. The price of a vassal’s power was allegiance to the lord, or fealty.

What does domain mean?

A domain contains a group of computers that can be accessed and administered with a common set of rules. … For example, a company may require all local computers to be networked within the same domain so that each computer can be seen from other computers within the domain or located from a central server.