Question: What Does Gingerly Mean?

What is the slang term for a redhead?

Fire Face – Red haired.

Ginger Ninja – Rhyming slang – redhead.

Cheeto-head – hair the same color as a carrot or orange.

Ginger Tige – handsome red-headed..

What is another word for duty?

Duty Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for duty?jobresponsibilityoccupationonuspartserviceburdenchorecommitmentconcern228 more rows

What does carelessly mean?

adjective. done with or acting with insufficient attention; negligent. (often foll by in, of, or about) unconcerned in attitude or action; heedless; indifferent (to)she’s very careless about her clothes. (usually prenominal) carefree.

What is the opposite of gingerly?

Antonyms for gingerly naive, unassuming, uncalculating, artless.

What does gratified mean?

1 : to be a source of or give pleasure or satisfaction to it gratified him to have his wife wear jewels— Willa Cather. 2 : to give in to : indulge, satisfy gratify a whim.

What part of speech is gingerly?

adverbgingerlypart of speech:adverbpart of speech:adjectivedefinition:demonstrating care or caution. The new nurse removed the bandage in a gingerly manner. synonyms: careful, cautious antonyms: brash similar words: chary, circumspect, discreet, waryderivation:gingerliness (n.)2 more rows

What does red hair mean on a girl?

Women who choose to wear a very red hair are distinguished by their audacity. The red is the sign of courage, but also of sensuality. Dazzling color par excellence, the red is the color of passion and blood. This shade is energetic and when a person likes red she must have a strong personality.

What is the meaning of shalwar kameez?

Description. The shalwar are loose pajama-like trousers. The legs are wide at the top, and narrow at the ankle. The kameez is a long shirt or tunic, often seen with a Western-style collar; however, for female apparel, the term is now loosely applied to collarless or mandarin-collared kurtas.

What does organization mean?

An organization, or organisation (Commonwealth English; see spelling differences), is an entity – such as a company, an institution, or an association – comprising one or more people and having a particular purpose.

What are two synonyms for gingerly?

other words for gingerlycalculating.cautious.chary.circumspect.considerate.dainty.delicate.discreet.

What does overzealous mean?

too zealous: too zealous : having or showing too much zeal : excessively eager, enthusiastic, or fervent overzealous parents overzealous workers … another version of the overzealous monitoring that has produced kids who leave for college without ever having crossed the street by themselves.—

What do you call a girl with red hair?

It’s one thing to call a brown-haired person a brunette. But calling a person with red hair a “ginger” or “gingy” seems to be more controversial.

What does asset mean?

An asset is a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation, or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit. Assets are reported on a company’s balance sheet and are bought or created to increase a firm’s value or benefit the firm’s operations.

Do gingers get bullied?

Redheads are “more likely to be bullied”, a researcher has claimed. The study by a University College Cork student claims “people with ginger hair are easy targets for bullies”.

What is another word for gingerly?

gingerlyalert,careful,cautious,chary,circumspect,conservative,considerate,guarded,More items…

Why do we say gingerly?

Before it came to mean “extremely cautiously” in 1600, gingerly meant “elegantly, daintily.” In fact, it stems from the Latin word gentius, meaning “(well)-born.” But today it has less to do with elegance and more to do with a delicate touch, usually used to avoid hurting something or someone.

What is a sentence for gingerly?

1. The snake charmer reached out gingerly to touch the snake in his basket. 2. She gingerly picked the flower.

How do you use gingerly?

Gingerly in a Sentence 🔉After falling from the horse, he gingerly tried to stand on his throbbing foot, and found that he couldn’t. … After the dentist had done his work, she had to chew gingerly on that side of her mouth for a while.More items…