Question: What Is A Good Hockey Stick Flex For A 13 Year Old?

What size hockey stick do I need for a 12 year old?

Hockey Stick Length and Flex Sizing ChartAge GroupHeightStick LengthYouth (6-8)50 – 80 lbs.45″ – 49″Junior (7-13)70 – 110 lbs.50″ – 54″Intermediate (11-14)95 – 125 lbs.55″ – 58″Intermediate (12-14)100 – 140 lbs.55″ – 58″5 more rows•Feb 17, 2017.

What stick does Zdeno Chara use?

shafted stickChara is 6-foot-9 and uses a 67-inch shafted stick.

Do any NHL players use wood sticks?

Today in the NHL, almost no players still use wooden sticks. The main advantage that wooden sticks enjoy today is their low cost. This makes them a popular choice for street hockey. Their main disadvantage that wooden sticks suffer from is their relative inconsistency.

What stick does Crosby use 2020?

Crosby uses a Sher-Wood Momentum graphite shaft with a Sher-Wood Axiom wood blade.

What is the best hockey stick for a 12 year old?

10 Best Youth Hockey Sticks (2021)BrandSkill LevelLength1. Bauer Nexus 2N Editor’s ChoiceIntermediate/Advanced46 inches2. CCM JetSpeed FT3 High PerformanceAdvanced46 inches3. Bauer Vapor FlyLite Budget FriendlyBeginner/ Intermediate47 inches4. CCM Jetspeed 40Intermediate45 inches6 more rows•Dec 30, 2020

What Flex does Auston Matthews use?

In an interview with Bauer, Matthews revealed that he uses an 80 flex stick with a Sakic curve, a pretty whippy stick when you consider his large frame. It’s no wonder this guy already has one of the more wicked wrist shots in the league.

What flex means?

to show offFlex is a slang term meaning “to show off,” whether it be your physique, your belongings, or some other thing you consider superior to those of others. The act of flexing is often criticized as a power move, considered arrogant and insincere.

What does Flex mean in golf clubs?

The flex is a rating of a golf club shaft’s ability to bend during the golf swing. All shafts, no matter how stiff, exhibit flex under the forces of the golf swing. A player with a very fast swing will require a shaft with less flex, while a player with a slower swing will need a shaft with greater flex.

What Flex does Mitch Marner use?

AX9 95Right – Mitchell Marner AX9 95 Flex Stick.

What stick does McDavid use?

JetSpeed FT2 stickUsing the new JetSpeed FT2 stick, Connor McDavid can shoot…and score from everywhere.

What stick does Steven Stamkos use?

Bauer Supreme stickStamkos uses a Bauer Supreme stick.

What is the average stick flex in the NHL?

With that all said, the majority of NHL players use a stick with flex in the 85-100 range. Forwards tend to use a lower flex. Some players with a notable low flex are Johnny Gaudreau with a 55 flex and Phil Kessel with a 65 flex.

What is the highest flex on a hockey stick?

Pure Hockey Stick Flex GuideHockey stick flex numbers refer to the stiffness of the stick.The number is a measurement of the amount of pressure required to bend the stick 1 inch.The higher the flex number, the stiffer the stick.Retail model sticks generally range from about 30 for young kids up to 110.

How do I choose a flex?

There is a general formula for determining your flex. This is calculated by dividing your body weight in half. If you weigh 170 pounds, (77 Kilos for you metric users) You should use around an 85 flex.

What is the best hockey stick for youth?

The Best Hockey Sticks For Young Hockey PlayersBauer Vapor Flylite Youth Hockey Stick. … Warrior Alpha QRE10 Youth Hockey Stick. … Bauer Nexus Geo Youth Hockey Stick. … Bauer Supreme 2S PRO Youth Hockey Stick. … True XCORE XCF9 UFLEX 20 Hockey Stick. … Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Stick. … Warrior Covert QRE Grip Youth Hockey Stick.More items…•Dec 10, 2020

Who uses the lowest flex in the NHL?

Johnny GaudreauJohnny Gaudreau (55 flex): At 5-foot-9, 157 pounds, it’s not a shock he has the lowest flex stick in the league. The four-time all-star and former Lady Byng Trophy winner also has a shorter stick than most, even for a guy of his size.

Who uses P28 curve?

CURVES EQUIVALENCESBAUERCCMTRUE HOCKEYP92 MatthewsP29 CrosbyTC2P88 KaneP40 MacKinnonMCPM9 Stamkos / LarkinP14 DucheneMC2P28 EichelP28 McDavidTC47 more rows•Apr 3, 2020

What flex should your hockey stick be?

A good place to start when choosing Hockey Stick Flex is to try out a stick with a flex rating that is half of your body weight. For example, if you are 140 pounds, a good place to start would be with a 70-flex stick.

How do I choose a youth hockey stick?

When choosing the right flex, you should consider your weight, playing style, and personal preference. But as a general rule, choose a stick with a flex that’s one-half of your body weight, rounded down. So a 160-pound player should use around a 75 flex stick.

What is P92 curve?

Curve: P92 (Backstrom, Naslund) Description: This is a big mid curve with a open face. Advantages: This is the stickhandling curve. Toe drags, dekes, and straight up dangling will be easier with the P92, because you can cup the puck better. The P92 is also great for snap shots because of the deep mid curve.