Question: What Is The Meaning Of Finally?

What is the difference between at last and finally?

1) AT LAST is used when there has been impatience, a discomfort or a feeling which was the result of long delays.

Some people suggest that some satisfaction, some relief are felt when AT LAST is used, whereas FINALLY could be used either for positive or negative results..

What show’s finale had the most viewers ever?

M*A*S*HThe graph shows data on the most watched TV series finales of all time in the United States as of August 2018. According to the source, the final episode of M*A*S*H, which aired on February 28, 1983, was the most watched series finale ever, drawing in 105.9 million viewers.

What is finally in parts of speech?

finally adverb (LAST)

Is there a comma after finally?

Many adverbs that end in –ly and transitions at the beginning of a sentence need to be followed by a comma, too. first (2nd, etc.) Finally, a comma is used to separate a participial phrase from an independent clause. A participle is a verb ending in –ing that acts as an adjective.

What is the opposite meaning of finally?

Opposite of in such a way as to put an end to doubt and dispute. doubtfully. dubiously. questionably. ambiguously.

What is finally in grammar?

Finally is used to refer to something that happened after a long time and usually after some difficulties. In this meaning, finally most commonly occurs in the normal mid position for adverbs, between the subject and the main verb, after the modal verb or the first auxiliary verb, or after be as a main verb.

Is finally a transition word?

To Show Time. after, afterward, always, as soon as, at last, at once, briefly, eventually, finally, immediately, in the meantime, in the past (or future), last, later, meanwhile, next, never, now, often, once, promptly, sometimes, soon. To Show Place.

Is finale a Latin Greek or Italian word?

From Italian finale (“ending”), from Late Latin fīnālis, from Latin fīnis (“end; boundary, limit”).

How do you use the word finally?

“finally” goes in the middle position of a sentence. If the sentence has a main verb, then we put “finally” before the main verb. Example: The bus finally arrived at midnight. If the sentence has an auxiliary or modal verb, then we put “finally” after the auxiliary / modal verb and before the main verb.

Where can you use finally?

finallyadverb [ADVERB before verb] You use finally to suggest that something happens after a long period of time, usually later than you wanted or expected it to happen. The word was finally given for us to get on board. … adverb. You use finally to indicate that something is last in a series of actions or events. … adverb.

What does eventually mean?

: at an unspecified later time : in the end.

What is the meaning of in conclusion?

The phrase in conclusion means “finally, to sum up,” and is used to introduce some final comments at the end of a speech or piece of writing. The phrase jump to conclusions means “to come to a judgment without enough evidence.” A foregone conclusion is an outcome that seems certain.

What does finale mean?

: the close or termination of something: such as. a : the last section of an instrumental musical composition the symphony’s finale. b : the closing part, scene, or number in a public performance the finale of the ballet In the finale, the singer sang an Italian classic.

What is another word for finally?

What is another word for finally?eventuallyultimatelytardilyat lastsomedaysometimelastlyafter some timeby and bysooner or later43 more rows

What means costly?

1a : commanding a high price especially because of intrinsic worth costly gems. b : rich, splendid. 2 : made or done at heavy expense or sacrifice a costly mistake.