Question: Who Played Ray Barone’S Cousin Gerard?

What is Amy’s mother’s name on Everybody Loves Raymond?

and Pat MacDougallHank and Pat MacDougall (13 episodes; played by Fred Willard and Georgia Engel) are Amy’s parents.

They first appear in “Just a Formality” (episode 7.14)..

How tall is Raymond from Everybody Loves Raymond?

6 ft 8.5 inGarrett is noted for his imposing height of 6 ft 8.5 in (2.04 m), and his distinctive deep voice.

How much is Fred Stoller worth?

Fred Stoller net worth: Fred Stoller is an American actor, stand-up comedian, writer, and voice artist who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Fred Stoller was born in Brooklyn, New York in March 1958. He is best known for playing the role of Gerard on the television series Everybody Loves Raymond.

Who are the Twins on Everybody Loves Raymond?

Who played the twins in Everybody Loves Raymond? Brothers Geoffrey and Michael Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond were played by real-life identical twins Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten.

How many seasons was Everybody Loves Raymond on?

9Everybody Loves Raymond/Number of seasons

Fred and Ray may have appeared in five episodes together but the two are not related in any way. In the series, Ray’s annoying cousin Gerard (played by Fred Stoller) is hired to help Ray write a book.

Who plays Ray’s cousin on Everybody Loves Raymond?

Fred StollerHe is best known for portraying Gerard on Everybody Loves Raymond….Fred StollerBornFrederick Stoller March 19, 1958 Brooklyn, New York, U.S.OccupationActor stand-up comedian author writerYears active1982–presentNotable workEverybody Loves Raymond6 more rows

Ray’s annoying cousin Gerard is hired by Marie to help Ray write his book. Ray’s entire family starts to see that Ray has many of the same annoying traits as Gerard. Ray decides to work on Gerard while trying to make himself feel better.

Who did Fred Stoller play in friends?

Fred Stoller portrays Stu, a sarcastic waiter at Allesandro’s, where Monica is the head chef. Stoller is an author, actor and comedian best known for portraying Gerard on Everybody Loves Raymond.