Quick Answer: How Many Hours Is 99 Wintertodt?

Is Wintertodt good money?


I can’t say it’s the best money maker, and it depends on your farming, mining, herblore and woodcutting levels, since the seed, ore, herb and log drops scale off your respective level.

You can get really expensive drops like ranarr seeds and burnt pages..

How many Wintertodt do you need for 99?

670 timesA player will need to subdue Wintertodt around 670 times to achieve 99 Firemaking using bruma kindling (based on a player earning 800 points per kill).

How long does 50 99 FM take at Wintertodt?

55-65 hoursThis is also the easiest skill in old school RS. Lighting normal logs through to maple logs to level 50 takes only 35 minutes. From lvl 55, Doing the wintertodt will take 55-65 hours to reach 99.

Is soloing Wintertodt worth it?

Overall, soloing the Wintertodt provides about 50% more crate rewards per hour compared to normally doing the Wintertodt. So, that makes it a great way to train Firemaking for Ironmen specifically, since you get a lot more seeds and supplies, compared to normally doing the Wintertodt.

What’s the fastest skill to 99 in Runescape?

FletchingFletching – The Fastest OSRS 99 The fastest skill to train to 99 in OSRS is Fletching. The reason is that that fletching darts can be an extremely quick way of leveling up, and this is what you should consider focusing on rather than arrows.

How much XP is a 99?

Note that a 10% growth factor may seem slow, but, as with all exponential growth, it expands rapidly to a massive 13,034,431 experience needed for level 99. Level 85 requires nearly one quarter of the experience needed for Level 99 and Level 92 is nearly the exact halfway mark, requiring 6,517,253 experience.

Is it better to Fletch at Wintertodt?

In order to get the best points at the Wintertodt and have a good shot at getting a unique reward, you need to be fletching the logs into kindling. Kindling actually gives 30% more XP when you add it to the fire instead of logs, but the time that it takes to cut them is a little bit less efficient for XP.

What level should I open Wintertodt crates?

Rule of thumb, open up around 200k gp worth of crates and save the rest until you need bank space. The rewards scale from lvl 1-99.

Does AXE matter at Wintertodt?

No, higher axes are slightly better than lower ones for bruma roots, all the way up to crystal.

What food is eaten at Wintertodt?

Players with medium to low hitpoints should bring high tier food such as sharks, though the number needed may vary. Soloing or playing in small groups is still possible without the use of Saradomin brews with low hitpoints and high firemaking.

How many hours is 99 firemaking Wintertodt?

48 hoursAbout 48 hours. This post has some good stats. Ignore all the money related stats, as they are outdated since the nerf.

How long does a Wintertodt game last?

Unless players are intentionally prolonging fights, one subdue in Wintertodt server takes an average time of about 5 minutes and 20 seconds, when both fights and wait times are included.

What’s the point of 99 firemaking?

99 firemaking here. There is almost no point. The only real point is that sexy orange cape. It gives XP and levels.