Quick Answer: What Is A Celly In Jail?

What does Bender mean?

What is a bender.

This slang term can mean a drug party, an extended period of continued drug use.

An alcoholic bender is a multiple-day drinking spree during which the person does not eat and gets very little sleep.

If you’re on a bender, you might pass out for a short time, wake up and start drinking again..

What is it called when you score in hockey?

In ice hockey, a goal is scored when the puck entirely crosses the goal line between the two goal posts and below the goal crossbar. … The term goal may also refer to the structure in which goals are scored.

What does my cellie mean?

US slang. 1 : cellmate On the third day, guards put a jumbo-sized prisoner into Turner’s cell.

What is a bender in UK?

In England, the term “bender” is slang for “homosexual.”

What does five hole mean in hockey?

Five-hole: a noun. “The space between the legs of a goaltender,” Merriam-Webster defines the hockey jargon in its latest addition to the English language dictionary.

Who scored the fastest 3 goals in NHL history?

Bill MosienkoBill Mosienko of the Chicago Blackhawks holds the record for the fastest three goals by one player; he had a hat trick in 21 seconds against the Rangers on March 23, 1952.

What does Celly mean?

Close Mate Met in PrisonCELLY means “Close Mate Met in Prison”.

What is Celly short for?

celly (plural cellys) (ice hockey slang) Diminutive of celebration; A goal celebration.

Why do they throw squid on the ice?

The Legend of the Octopus is a sports tradition during Detroit Red Wings home playoff games involving dead octopuses thrown onto the ice rink. … Having eight arms, the octopus symbolized the number of playoff wins necessary for the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup.

What is a slap shot in hockey?

A slapshot (also spelled as slap shot) in ice hockey is the hardest shot one can perform. It has four stages which are executed in one fluid motion to make the puck fly into the net: The player winds up his hockey stick to shoulder height or higher.

What is a cherry picker in hockey?

Loafing, floating, or cherry picking in ice hockey is a manoeuver in which a player, the floater (usually a forward, but occasionally a defenceman who used to play the forward position, but can no longer skate the complete length of the ice at pace), literally loafs — spends time in idleness — or casually skates behind …

What is the highest NHL score ever?

16-3The most goals scored by a National Hockey League team in a single match is 16, by the Montreal Canadiens in their 16-3 victory over the Quebec Bulldogs on 3 March 1920.

What is a Celly in hockey?

Celly: celebration following a goal.

Where did Bender come from?

bender (n.) Slang meaning “drinking bout” is American English, attested from 1846, perhaps from the Scottish sense of “a hard drinker” (1728).