Quick Answer: What Is The Nearest Meaning Of Cease?

What does seethe mean?

1 : to suffer violent internal excitement seethe with jealousy.

2a : to be in a state of rapid agitated movement.

b : to churn or foam as if boiling.

3 archaic : boil..

What does cease immediately?

transitive verb. : to cause to come to an end especially gradually : no longer continue they were forced to cease operations cease to exist. intransitive verb. 1a : to come to an end the fighting gradually ceased. b : to bring an activity or action to an end : discontinue they have been ordered to cease and desist.

How do you spell cease and desist?

A cease and desist letter is a document sent to an individual or business to stop allegedly illegal activity. The phrase “cease and desist” is a legal doublet, made up of two near-synonyms.

How do you use cease and desist in a sentence?

cease and desist in a sentenceEverybody was trying to get these gang members to cease and desist.The Tribunal ordered the respondent to cease and desist his discriminatory practices.Hampton subsequently released a follow-up song called ” Cease and Desist “.Because of its proliferation risk, we ought to cease and desist .”More items…

What is the opposite of peaceful?

Antonyms: unpeaceable, warlike, militant, violent, war-ridden, unpeaceful, warring, belligerent, tempestuous, stormy, hawkish. Synonyms: peaceable, inactive, passive.

What are synonyms for cease?

Some common synonyms of cease are desist, discontinue, quit, and stop.

What is the synonym and antonym of cease?

cease. Synonyms: intermit, stop, desist, abstain, discontinue, quit, refrain, end, pause, leave off. Antonyms: ceaseless, never-ending, everlasting, constant, incessant.

What is difference between cease and seize?

Cease is a verb that means “to come to an end” or “to discontinue something.” Seize generally refers to taking control or possession of something.

What is the noun of cease?

/seˈseɪʃn/ /seˈseɪʃn/ [uncountable, countable] (formal) ​the stopping of something; a break in something.

What is the antonyms of cease?

cease. Antonyms: ceaseless, never-ending, everlasting, constant, incessant. Synonyms: intermit, stop, desist, abstain, discontinue, quit, refrain, end, pause, leave off.

What desist means?

stop, cease, quit, discontinuestop, cease, quit, discontinue, desist mean to suspend or cause to suspend activity. stop applies to action or progress or to what is operating or progressing and may imply suddenness or definiteness.

What does never cease mean?

To come to an endTo come to an end; stop: a process that never ceases.

How do you use the word cease?

cease to do something You never cease to amaze me! cease something They voted to cease strike action immediately. He ordered his men to cease fire (= stop shooting). cease doing something The company ceased trading in June.

Where does the word cease come from?

Cease comes from the Old French cesser, which means “come to an end,” “go away,” “give up,” or “yield.” Although cease often appears in the past tense with “-ed,” cease is common for talking about things as they come to an end.

How do you spell cease?

verb (used with object), ceased, ceas·ing. to put a stop or end to; discontinue: He begged them to cease their quarreling.