What Is Another Word For Adversarial?

What is the meaning of adversarial?

: involving two people or two sides who oppose each other : of, relating to, or characteristic of an adversary or adversary procedures (see adversary entry 2 sense 2) an adversarial relationship an adversarial system of justice with prosecution and defense opposing each other..

What is an adversarial situation?

The definition of adversarial is anything related to a person, place, or thing where there is disagreement, opposition or where problems are created that go against a desired result. An example of adversarial conditions are rain clouds rolling in when a picnic in the park was planned.

What is the part of speech of adversary?

pronunciation: aed v r seI ri features: Word Combinations (noun), Word Explorer, Word Parts. part of speech: noun. inflections: adversaries.

What is the Thesaurus of exceptional?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for exceptional, like: remarkable, uncommon, unprodigious, extraordinary, prodigious, rare, special, outstanding, particular, standout and phenomenal.

What is the difference between the adversarial system and the inquisitorial system?

An adversarial system is that where the court act as a referee between the prosecution and the defence. … An inquisitorial system is a legal system where the court is actively involved in proof of facts by taking investigating of the case.

What is the opposite of adversarial?

▲ Opposite of displaying or engaging in violence, combat, or aggression. pacifist. appeasing.

What is the opposite of obstinate?

obstinate. Antonyms: amenable, complaisant, yielding, docile, ductile, characterless, irresolute, wavering. Synonyms: headstrong, stubborn, refractory, self-willed, pertinacious, obdurate, perverse, intractable.

What is the opposite of an irresolvable problem?

Opposite of impossible to resolve. resolvable. possible. doable. achievable.

Is obstinate positive or negative?

While stubborn may have positive or negative connotations, obstinate is most definitely negative, because it implies a kind of hard-headed determination not to change your mind even when it might be best to rethink your position.

What is another word for adversary?

Adversary Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for adversary?opponentantagonistfoerivalenemyopposercompetitorchallengercombatantcontender55 more rows

What is an example of adversary?

The definition of an adversary is a person who fights against something or someone, or is a person who is considered to be a competitor or enemy. For the character of Batman, the Joker is an example of an adversary. noun.

What does adversary mean in Romeo and Juliet?

Terms in this set (115) adversary. enemy. boisterous. loud; noisy.

What is an adversarial relationship?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An adversarial relationship in purchasing and supply arises when identical or equivalent good or services are available from competing suppliers and buyers/sellers are trying to gain an advantage over each other. Low levels of trust are characteristic of adversarial relationships.

What does adversarial mean in law?

Inquisitorial Systems of JusticeThe adversarial system is based on the opposing sides acting as adversaries who compete to convince the judge and jury that their version of the facts is the most convincing. …

What is the theory of adversarial procedure?

The adversarial system or adversary system is a legal system used in the common law countries where two advocates represent their parties’ case or position before an impartial person or group of people, usually a judge or jury, who attempt to determine the truth and pass judgment accordingly.

What does non adversarial mean?

What does “non-adversarial” mean? Conventional court-based divorce is referred to as “adversarial,” meaning each of you are on opposites sides. … “Non-adversarial” means working together co-operatively to reach the best resolution for everyone. Everyone is on the same side, aiming for a “win-win” outcome.

What are the synonyms for obstinate?

other words for obstinatedogmatic.inflexible.intransigent.recalcitrant.steadfast.tenacious.unyielding.willful.

Who is an adversary person?

An adversary is an enemy or someone who opposes someone else. In tennis, you stand across the net from your adversary. Adversary is related to the word adverse, meaning “against or contrary” —so think of an adversary as someone whom you are fighting against.

Is Adversarially a word?

ad·ver·sar·i·al. adj. Relating to or characteristic of an adversary; involving antagonistic elements: “Some speakers fall almost willingly into an adversarial relationship with the audience” (Don Pfarrer).

How do you use adversarial in a sentence?

1) In our country there is an adversarial relationship between government and business. 2) In the old days of two-party adversarial politics, voting was easy. 3) Conveyancing is a reactionary adversarial system-and in the main it stinks. 4) Our divorce laws are still, regrettably, largely adversarial.