What Is Another Word For Being Careful?

What is the antonym of calm?

if a person is moody they are given to wide swings of emotion.

a calm person is the opposite of this..

What’s another word for being careful?

Synonyms & Antonyms of carefulalert,cautious,chary,circumspect,conservative,considerate,gingerly,guarded,More items…

What do you call a person who is very cautious?

Some common synonyms of cautious are chary, circumspect, and wary. While all these words mean “prudently watchful and discreet in the face of danger or risk,” cautious implies the exercise of forethought usually prompted by fear of danger. a cautious driver.

What is the opposite of gently?

Opposite of gently, delicately or softly. heavily. firmly. forcefully. hard.

What is another word for mindful?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mindful, like: conscious, aware, careful, awareness, watchful, alert, attentive, awake, cautious, cognizant and heedful.

What is a careful person?

The definition of careful is someone or something that works or thinks in a cautious, thorough or thoughtful way. A mountain climber who triple checks their safety gear is an example of careful. A person who is very detailed is an example of careful.

What is the definition of careful?

1a : marked by wary caution or prudence be very careful with knives. b : marked by attentive concern and solicitude careful farm management.

What is a mindful person?

Being mindful means being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and how you’re feeling (physically and mentally). … It means being aware of your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Remember there is no “right” or “wrong” way to think or feel in any moment.

What is the opposite of being mindful?

Opposite of conscious or aware of something. oblivious. unaware. heedless. mindless.

Why is being mindful important?

Why be mindful? Mindfulness practices can help us to increase our ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression. It can also help us to focus our attention, as well as to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment.

What is the synonym and antonym of careful?

“careful with money” Antonyms: forgetful, careless, mindless, passing(a), untroubled, improvident, incautious, perfunctory, unmindful, hurried, slipshod, haphazard, heedless, casual, offhanded, slapdash, offhand, cursory, sloppy, reckless. Synonyms: deliberate, thrifty, heedful, measured.

How do you use be careful?

You must be careful that she doesn’t fall over the cliff. Be careful of Henry, he is always scheming to get money from people one way or another. The flower has very delicate petals, so be careful when you’re holding it.

What is the opposite careful?

What is the opposite of careful?incautiousunmindfulabsent-mindedcarelessimprovidentuncautioushastyrashrecklessunwary108 more rows

What is the antonym of expensive?

What is the opposite of expensive?cheapinexpensiveeconomicalgiveawayreduceduncostlycost-effectivediscountedhalf-pricedlow-cost36 more rows