Which Card Brands Are Worth Money?

Are Kobe Bryant basketball cards worth money?

Many common Kobe rookie cards can still be had in “raw” form for under $25 but there are many that are more valuable with the Topps Chrome and Chrome Refractor parallels among the most popular.

1996-97 Topps Chrome #138: $400 – $3,000.

1996-97 Topps Chrome Refractor $3,750 – $20,000.

1996-97 Topps $100-$800..

What brand of trading cards are worth the most?

The 43 Most Expensive Trading CardsMickey Mantle 1952 Topps PSA 9 ($5,200,000) … Luka Doncic 2018-19 Panini National Treasures Logoman 1/1 ($4,600,000) … Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Auto BGS 9/10 ($3,900,000) … Honus Wagner 1909 T206 PSA 5 (MC) ($3,100,000) … Tom Brady 2000 Panini Playoff Contenders BGS 8.5/9 ($2,252,855)More items…•Apr 17, 2021

What football cards from the 90s are worth money?

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the top ten:1990 Score #101T Emmitt Smith Rookie Card. … 1990 Score #1 Joe Montana. … 1990 Score #302 Junior Seau Rookie Card. … 1990 Score #20 Barry Sanders. … 1990 Score #200 Jerry Rice. … 1990 Score #10 Bo Jackson. … 1990 Score #95 Deion Sanders. … 1990 Score #50 Lawrence Taylor.More items…

What rookie cards are worth money?

The 40 Most Valuable Football Cards Guide1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski Rookie Card. … 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Tom Brady Rookie Card (Autograph) … 1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card. … 1958 Topps Jim Brown Rookie Card. … 1894 Mayo Anonymous (John Dunlop, Harvard) … 1957 Topps Johnny Unitas Rookie Card.More items…

How much is a first edition Blue Eyes White Dragon worth?

Blue-Eyes White Dragon #001 (1ST EDITION)DatePriceType6/15/2020$1,000.00Buy It Now6/11/2020$750.00Buy It Now6/5/2020$900.00Auction6/4/2020$195.00Buy It Now42 more rows

What brand of NFL cards are the best?

Best Football Card Packs comparison table1st Place. 2020 Panini Donruss Optic Football Fat Pack 12 Card Value Cello Brand New. … 2nd Place. ✅🏈🔥 2020 Panini Prizm Football Cello Pack Factory Sealed ✅🏈🔥 … 3rd Place. 2019 Panini Prizm Football Cello Pack (Factory Sealed) … 4th Place. … 5th Place.

How much is Tom Brady’s rookie card worth?

Brady’s autographed 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie Ticket #144 card sold for $2,252,855 million after 67 bids Friday night during Lelands 2021 Spring Classic Auction.

What NFL cards are worth money?

Most Valuable Football CardsCardCard No.Realized Price1933 Jim ThorpeSport Kings$119,5001962 Mike Ditka RCTopps$72,0001935 Bronko NagurskiNational Chicle$66,3541957 Paul Hornung RCTopps$50,32421 more rows•Nov 19, 2018

How can you tell if a sports card is rare?

Check to See If the Card Has a Low Print Run This means that they made fewer of this card when it was printed. If the card has a serial number, you can normally see the print run stamped right on the card. Any card with a 25 print run or less is more rare than other cards.

Where can I sell my Yugioh cards for cash?

The Best Places to Sell Yugioh Cards – Online OptionseBay. You can sell just about anything on eBay. … Heart Of The Cards. Another option for selling Yugioh cards online is Heart of the Cards; an appropriate name for a store that deals with Yugioh! … Card Market. … Troll and Toad. … TCG Player.Dec 25, 2020

How can I sell my old football cards?

Where to Sell Football, Baseball, and Other Sports CardsSelling Sports Cards on eBay. eBay is a popular place for collectors to buy cards, and it is a good place to sell your cards yourself. … eBay Consignment Stores. In many cities there are businesses that sell items on eBay for a consignment fee. … Message Boards. … Sports Card Dealers.

What sports cards are most valuable?

Most Expensive Sports Trading Card Sales to DateMike Trout. 2009 Superfractor Autograph. … Honus Wagner. T206 PSA 5. … Mickey Mantle. 1952 Topps. … Honus Wagner. T206 PSA 8. … Honus Wagner. T206 ‘Garagiola Wagner’ … Tom Brady. 2000 Playoff Contender Autograph. … Giannis Antetokounmpo. 13-14 Logoman Patch Autograph. $1.8 Million.LeBron James.More items…•Apr 3, 2021

Are Yugioh cards worth collecting?

As long as there’s a demand for Yu-Gi-Oh cards, they will always be worth something. The trading card game first started in 1996 – and it’s still going strong. So, rest assured, Yu-Gi-Oh cards will be worth plenty of money in the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean that every card will hold its value, though!

Are Michael Jordan cards valuable?

You’re probably starting to see a trend here at this point: Exquisite Collection Jordan cards are incredibly valuable. From the 2005 release, this card was one of only 50 produced and PSA judged it to be in Gem Mint 10 condition.

What is the most valuable basketball card?

Most Expensive Basketball Card Ever, Luka Doncic Autograph Sells For $4.6M. (CBSDFW.COM) – At $4.6 million, the most expensive basketball card ever sold is a signed Luka Doncic rookie card featuring the NBA Logoman patch from a game-worn Dallas Mavericks jersey.

What Nolan Ryan cards are worth money?

These are the ones that most collectors are familiar with.1968 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan Rookie Card. Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $23,000. … 1969 Topps #533. Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $2,000. … 1970 Topps #712. Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $1,750. … 1971 Topps #513. … 1972 Topps #595. … 1973 Topps #220. … 1974 Topps #20. … 1975 Topps #500.More items…

Are sports cards still worth money?

Without getting your cards graded, they aren’t worth selling. … An athlete can play 20 years and have 20 different cards for each season- but there’s only one season in which they were a rookie. Really old cards become valuable by default- the industry did not produce baseball cards the same way they do today.

How do I know if my cards are worth money?

To check, look for a year somewhere on the card fronts or go to the card backs and look for a copyright date. Even common cards from some vintage sets can bring some money, so be sure to keep an eye out for older cards.

What brand basketball cards are worth money?

The 52 Most Valuable Basketball Cards Guide1948 Bowman #69 George Mikan. … 1957 Topps #77 Bill Russell. … 1986 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan. … 1980 Topps Larry Bird / Julius Erving / Magic Johnson. … 1969 Topps #25 Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) Rookie Card. … 1961 Fleer #8 Wilt Chamberlain. … 1985 Prism Jewel Sticker Michael Jordan.More items…

What brand of sports cards are worth money?

Traditionally Topps, Bowman, and Upper Deck are some of the brands of sports cards that are worth the most but Panini is now part of the discussion as well.